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  1. What is Premier Heart MCG™?
  2. What is the difference between MCG™ and 3DMP/mfEMT™?
  3. Why change the name now?
  1. What happens to my 3DMP system? Will I need to buy new hardware?
  2. When will the MCG™ system be available?
  3. Can MCG detect a previous MI and determine its severity?

What is Premier Heart MCG™?

MCG™, or Multifunction Cardiogram, is the next generation of Premier Heart's ECG capture and analysis suite formerly known as 3DMP or 3DMP/mfEMT™.

What is the difference between MCG™ and 3DMP/mfEMT™?

The Premier Heart MCG™ system is built upon the same framework as our 3DMP/mfEMT technology — MCG™ Based upon feedback from our users and partners we have redesigned the 3DMP system to be faster, easier to use, and more robust.
Like the original 3DMP/mfEMT system, the MCG™ system consists of three main components: The client machine located at the physician's office, and the diagnostic and reporting systems in Premier Heart's datacenter. Each of these components will be updated over the course of 2009 to provide the new MCG features:
  1. The Client Machines (Available Mid 2009)
    The MCG™ client is similar to the original 3DMP in many ways, however the operating system and ECG capture software have been redesigned based on user feedback.
    The MCG™ client will integrate with a wider variety of office networks, and includes vastly improved wireless networking support. We have also restored the ability to view reports directly from the MCG client, so test results and reports are available almost immediately.
    The ECG acquisition program has also been redesigned, using a wizard-based system which guides technicians in collecting clinical information and provides real-time feedback on ECG tracing quality to help ensure diagnostic accuracy.

  2. The Diagnostic Systems (Available Mid 2009)
    While there are no fundamental changes to the diagnosis process between 3DMP/mfEMT and MCG™ our software team has made improvements in the handling of poor-quality ECG tracings, allowing analysis to continue in cases where manual intervention was previously required.
    Additional changes have improved the speed of our diagnostic software — Where 3DMP diagnosis typically completed within a minute the new MCG suite typically completes in approximately 30 seconds.

  3. The Web Application and Report Generator (Available late 2009)
    As with the client machine, the MCG™ webapp and report generator are a substantial improvement over their original 3DMP counterparts. The MCG report generator features customizable templates designed to allow you to tailor 3DMP reports to fit your organization's needs.
    In addition to the templating system, the MCG report generator features several new types of reports, including direct comparison reports (Pre/Post intervention) and historical reports which allow you to monitor the progress of a cardiac condition and the effectiveness of treatment over time.

Why change the name now?

The decision to change the name came about for several reasons — The new interface of the MCG™ client machines is a significant improvement over the original 3DMP™ clients, and reflects a shift from an interface we "grew" over time to one that was carefully designed to fit the needs of both our clients and our clinical research team.

Rather than waiting for the entire MCG suite to launch at once we have decided to transition to the MCG name with the launch of the new ECG capture clients, as this is the part of the system our users interact with most frequently.

What happens to my 3DMP system and data? Will I need to buy new hardware?

The MCG™ system is designed to run on the same hardware as the original 3DMP systems — Existing 3DMP users will have the option to upgrade to the MCG™ software suite when it is released to the public.

Existing data in the 3DMP system will be migrated over to the new MCG™ system as part of the upgrade process - The Premier Heart team has taken steps to ensure that no patient data will be lost or compromised during the transition from 3DMP/mfEMT to the new MCG™ system.

When will the MCG™ system be available?

Premier Heart hopes to have the first MCG units released to select beta sites in the first quarter of 2009, with a commercial release to follow by mid-year.
Our improved diagnosis software will also launch around this time.

The MCG report generator will be released separately — currently planned for late 2009.

Can MCG detect a previous MI and determine its severity?

Yes — Patients who have suffered heart attacks will have heart muscle damage, which is detected as abnormalities by the MCG analysis. Patients who suffer heart attacks following their first MCG testing will show greater anomalies as the result of the addional damaged cells.

In addition to detecting the damage, the MCG analysis quantifies the damage based on the severity of the abnormalities observed, giving a measure of the severty of the heart attack based on the degree of deviation detected.

The MCG system can be used during follow-up visits to monitor patient improvement after a heart attack and determine if a treatment is effective for a given patient.

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