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MCG technology expresses the ECG signals from an integrated perspective mathematically.

Premier Heart's MCG System represents a radical departure from traditional resting and stress ECG techniques — Where medicine has historically taken a reductionistic view of the ECG Premier Heart's MCG technology uses an integrative approach, building a mathematical model of the entire cardiac system. This approach allows MCG to obtain accurate diagnoses from a simple, non-invasive test.

How it Works
Premier Heart's system consists of three stages:

  • First, an MCG Client is used to digitally record resting ECG data from the patient. This process is similar to a standard resting ECG and can be performed quickly and easily in nearly any setting.
    The ECG data is then transmitted to Premier Heart's datacenter via an encrypted internet connection.
    MCG+MCG Process — Click to Enlarge
    MCG Process flow - Click to Enlarge

  • Once received at Premier Heart's datacenter the MCG diagnostic system takes over, running a series of mathematical transformations on the raw ECG data to identify distinct functional indices.
    These indices are compared to our clinically validated database and a numeric MCG Score assigned to represent the severity of cardiac disease burden observed during the test.
    In addition to the MCG Score the system also provides a set of differential diagnoses for specific conditions contributing to the result, giving the treating physician guidelines for additional evaluation and treatment.

  • The MCG Score and identified conditions are compiled into an easy-to-read report which the physician can review on the MCG unit, or any computer with a web browser. These reports can provide guidance when referring a patient to a cardiologist for follow-up testing.
    Sample reports for normal and abnormal patients are available

For additional details please see our technical whitepaper.

How it Compares
When compared to other diagnostic modalities MCG is extremely accurate and reliable, surpassing many established clinical techniques in both sensitivity and specificity. In addition, MCG is capable of accurately detecting coronary artery disease at earlier stages (<70% lumen encroachment), exceeding the capabilities of many other techniques and allowing earlier intervention at stages where coronary artery disease may be controlled by lifestyle changes or medication.
Click here for a comparison chart.

Benefits of MCG
In addition to easing the burden of urgent care providers and primary care physicians who may lack the expertise in cardiology necessary to detect the subtle variations in the ECG that can indicate potentially life-threatening conditions, MCG provides the following benefits:

Rapid and Accurate
a MCG test session and subsequent analysis can typically be completed within 10 minutes, making it practical as part of routine care/screening as well as in urgent care situations for patients with acute symptoms of cardiac distress.
The high sensitivity and positive/negative predictive values of MCG analysis also make it viable as a "rule out" tool.
The MCG diagnostic process is purely evidence based, drawing its diagnoses based upon previous clinically verified results. This combined with the integrative approach to modeling the heart and Premier Heart's scoring system allows us to provide quantitative and objective results.
Non-Invasive and Stress Free
A MCG test session involves only a surface resting ECG, and does not share the risks or contraindications of other diagnostic procedures such as stress tests, Cardiac MRI or nuclear perfusion imaging.
This makes MCG testing practical on a wider range of patients than many other procedures.
As a non-invasive in-office procedure MCG is significantly less costly than many other diagnostic modalities. Initial equipment investments are significantly lower than CT or MRI angiography equipment, and per-test costs are comparable to other resting ECG procedures.

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